Ceremonie POW Camp Fukuoka 14b

Ceremonie POW Camp Fukuoka 14b

Speech 4th of May 2021                                                                Rob Schouten

Dear attendees of this ceremony and those involved in the Nagasaki Monument Project,

We would like to congratulate you on the successful completion of the “Monument Fukuoka POW Camp 14th Branch” today on the 4th of May 2021.

This day is also a traditional Memorial day in the Netherlands on which all the deceased of the second World War are commemorated.

The construction project for the monument was launched 6 years ago. With the deep understanding and great efforts of the members of the “the Memorial Building Committee for the Victims at Fukuoka No.14b Prisoner of War Camp” in Nagasaki, it has become such a beautiful Japan-Netherlands joint project. 

Normally, we should have met in person in Nagasaki and say hello to everyone involved, but due to the corona pandemic, it has become impossible travel from overseas to attend this memorable completion ceremony.

Hereby we would like to express our great joy and sincere gratitude from the Netherlands in this way. 

Former Dutch, British, US, and Australian soldiers were held captive in Nagasaki during the Pacific War, eight of whom are recorded dead by the atomic bomb. The survivors experienced the tragedy of Nagasaki together with tens of thousands of citizens. My father was one of them. As the son of a Dutch soldier who was a POW at the time, and as a second-generation hibakusha, I visited Nagasaki for the first time with my wife Lies in 2015, and attended the 70th Anniversary of the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Ceremony for Atomic Bomb Victims. The emotional experiences of standing in Nagasaki, where my father used to be, and the warm connection with the locals there moved us strongly. The project to build this monument in Nagasaki for all the POWs has then begun. We really wanted to erect a monument. This wish reached friends and organizations in the Netherlands and Japan through twists and turns. In particular, the members of the Nagasaki Committee greatly assisted in the repeated negotiations with Nagasaki City council and various other procedures. Thanks to you, we are able to celebrate this ceremony today.

This monument was erected in honor of and for mourning for all the prisoners of war at the 14th branch, and with the wish for “peace, friendship and freedom” in the world. We sincerely hope that this wish will be passed on across countries to the many people and their descendants in memory of those who have experienced the tragedy of the war and those of the atomic bomb.

Until today, we have received warm support and cooperation from many people. Therefore our special thanks to the local Nagasaki Memorial Building Committee, the Kizuna Committee of the Netherlands, Nagasaki City council, Matsuo Stone Tower Manufacture, the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands, the Hendrick Muller Foundation, the Peace and Freedom Veterans Foundation, the Japanese and Dutch Ambassadors, people who donated to this project, the Board member of the Nagasaki Monument Foundation, and many other stakeholders.

As soon as it becomes possible to travel from overseas, we would like to visit Nagasaki again to realize the official ceremony of unveiling the monument with all the friends in Japan and from overseas. It will become a very special day for our friendship and for thinking back of our fathers in front of this monument. We are very much looking forward to being together with you all in the near future.

Last but not least, we pray for your good health and prosperity.  

Thank you very much on behalf of the Prisoners of War and their bereaved families. 

Chairman of the Nagasaki Monument Foundation in the Netherlands and Second Generation Hibakusha 

Rob Schouten

2021年5月4日 ロブ・シュカウテン スピーチ原稿






この日に至るまで、特に地元長崎の記念碑建立委員会のみなさん、オランダのキズナ委員会、長崎市、松尾石塔店、オランダ防衛省、ヘンドリック・ミュラー財団、平和自由退役軍人財団、在日オランダ大使館、支援金寄付者のみなさん、長崎追悼記念碑財団 メンバー、そのほか多くの関係者の皆さんに温かいご支援とご協力をいただきました。重ねて御礼申し上げます。




在オランダ・長崎追悼記念碑財団代表 被爆者二世 ロブ・シュカウテン 

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